This site is dedicated to my Outdoor adventures and Wood Crafting.

We have my Scouting Adventures with both the Boy Scouts Troop 139 and Cub Scout Pack 139 from Indianapolis, IN. The videos here will include the camping trips that I take video’s on. Hikes, Merit Badge’s, and various other outdoor activities.

Then there are my woodcrafting Video’s. In this section I will be showing off the tools that I use. I will be showing videos in my adventures in Pen Turning. I will be showing off the custom signs that I’m making, and custom boxes for various reasons. I also will be working in some resin into my wood projects.

Then there are my adventures in golfing. I will be showing practices. Things I learn about how to improve yourself from a beginner perspective and how video’s out on the courses.

Finally I will have a section of my outdoor cooking videos and receipes. Outdoor smoking and cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I’ll do some reviews on equipment and then receipes and instructions. It’ll be great.

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