Dutch Oven Spaghetti

Donavyn (LEFT) Peyton (Right) at Spring Mills for AOL Camp Out

Prep Time: 15 Minutes, Cook Time 10 to 15 minutes depending on temperature.


1 lb of Ground Chuck

1 lb of Italian Sausage (Sweet/Mild/Hot) depends on your tastes

2 lbs of noodles

1 32oz jar of favorite spaghetti sauce

1 quart of beef broth


  • place ground chuck and Italian sausage in Dutch oven and brown meet over hot coals.
  • If there is too much fat in oven afterwards, drain out. Else just leave it.
  • Pour in sauce
  • Break noodles in half to allow for more even cooking and less clumping and lay on top of sauce
  • Pour in the beef broth until noodles are mostly covered.
  • Cover Dutch Over and place over fire or hot coals.
  • Stir Occasionally to check noodle tenderness. You want the noodles to not be completely cooked over the fire or heat or they will eventually mush.
  • Take off of heat and serve.

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