About Me

Husband of over 12 years

Father of 4 boys

Local Cub Scout Leader

Local Boy Scout Adult Leader

Occupation: IT WMS System Developer

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About my Woodcrafting

I started practicing on cabinet making. I started with cheap routers and a good table saw and I was able to start building some entertainment centers with raised panel’s. Worked on some aquarium stands after 15 years are still holding 50+ gallon aquarium’s perfectly level. After we had our second child, I started building furniture. A bunk bed that would hold elephants but it now outside holding our canoe and kayaks. I’ve built activity tables where side 1 was chalk board, and side 2 was marker board on a big 4×4 sheet.

After a while I took a break from Wood Working to spend time on my career. Then when covid happened, I found time to pick it back up. Upgraded my tools and now I’m turning pens ,making keep-sake boxes, and routing out custom signs. I’m posting video’s of tool reviews and how I do my projects to help inspire others to bring out their creations.

About my Outdoor Cooking

My family has always been an outdoor cooking family. However growing up, I really didn’t like the taste of the bar-b-q that my mom cooked. I started reading up on making my own rubs and sauces. Finding the taste pallet that I liked, and finally the art of smoking. I started off with a DIY double barrel wood burning smoker that worked like a charm. A little hard to keep temp but it would cook some good food. I thought about trying out for competition but I could never find a team. Now I have a Pit Boss Pro Series 4 vertical smoker that is amazing. And I smoke turkey’s on the holidays and race-day weekends. I used to fry my turkey’s but not that is saved for special events.

I plan on adding Recipes and pictures up of my smoked foods to teach others or show other the pleasures of outdoor cooking

About My Golfing

So a neighbor started to pickup the game of Golf and practicing in his backyard. We would drink beers and help each other out. One day he got a set of clubs for me to start practicing with. I didn’t catch on quite as quick but not I’m getting better. It’s fun. It’s something that my Grandfather on my mom’s side did. I have fun with it. it’s something for me to do. And it’s something that my Kids can do for fun. Golf can be a family sport and you don’t have to be good to play which is a common misconception now a-days. I mean not everyone who goes bowling can bowl over 200. Heck I’m lucking to bowl over 100 now and I used to be in leagues when I was younger. So why is golf different?

I hope you enjoy my content and I hope to keep adding.

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